Ah Yes, Italian Football

Well, it seems Italian football ("soccer" for you uneducated folk) is always mired in some sort of controversy. Yesterday's match between Lazio and Livorno was bound to be an interesting one from the start. These two cities are both known for their extremist political views - Livorno representing the far left views and Lazio has a group of ultras known for their far right views. The game featured "a poisonous atmosphere" where half of fans were singing anti-fascist songs and the other half were displaying swastikas.

Enter Lazio man Pablo Di Canio. Now if you remember, back in January I posted on Signore Di Canio. Never one to let down his ultra fans, Di Canio gave them another repeat of the fascist salute (although in January he claimed there was no correlation between the salute and fascism). I don't know, but it seems to me that it looks an awful lot like you're giving the sign to Il Duce...Judge for yourself! Unless this is some sort of stiff arm problem, I'm pretty sure it's a salute.

Italian football has been under plenty of scrutiny for racial problems, extreme fans, finances and of course the whole relegation fiasco from last season. The last thing the Italians need is more attention for the crazy antics of Di Canio and his ultras. Authorities must crack down on him and others who appeal to these crazies. Check out the rest of the story here. Oh, and check out Di Canio's face in the pictures...he kinda looks deranged! No, I take that back...he is deranged.

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