A "Broken" Military? HA!

Remember when the U.S. Army was broken?? Well, the reports the MSM were giving us earlier in the year combined with statements from politicians certainly made it seem like everything was about to implode. The Army has a different story. The Washington Times published an article that reveals some truth to the nay-sayers amongst us:
The Pentagon yesterday said the Army signed up 5,856 recruits in November, 5 percent above its goal. It previously announced the Army also exceeded its target in October, the first month of the 2006 fiscal year.

The Army has that [it] hit its recruiting mark for six straight months, a promising development for the Bush administration. President Bush's critics had cited the Army's failure to achieve its recruiting goals in fiscal 2005 as proof that the war in Iraq is breaking the force.

The failure to meet recruiting goals in 2005 could be explained by the fact that "the active-duty Army is growing by 30,000, making the sign-up goal larger, and parents in some cases are counseling against joining the combat arms..." Also, the rest of the armed forces (Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force) all met their enlistment quotas for November.

Makes me think...whatever happened to the draft that was planned if Bush was elected again...?

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