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Pablo Di Canio and Benito Mussolini - Good Friends?? Posted by Hello

Italian calcio (football/soccer) and Italian politics have been meshed before...but is this latest incident too far? Apparently, Lazio star and team captain Pablo Di Canio was pictured at a match between Lazio and Roma after he scored a goal that ensured his side 3 points.

It's known in Italy that Lazio fans have an extreme die-hard neofascist rank among them called the Irriducibili. In fact, Il Duce, himself, used to frequent Lazio events which may be another reason the Irriducibili still reside as Lazio fans. So, as Pablo Di Canio has blown this gesture off as not a political statement, but rather an acknowledgment to a group of his supporters, the rest of Italy are talking about this latest incident in this professional's glittered past (IHT, 1/11).

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