Guilty of Stating the Obvious

Can someone please tell me what Air Force football coach Fisher DeBerry is apologizing for? The coach is accused of making racially insensitive comments about African-American athletes. Here are the comments he made after Air Force's loss against TCU:

"[TCU] had a lot more Afro-American players than we did and they ran a lot faster than we did. It just seems to me to be that way - Afro-American kids can run very well. That doesn't mean that Caucasian kids and other descents can't run, but it's very obvious to me that they run extremely well."

After making these comments, the media jumped all over him - turning this non-story into one that made the frontpage on ESPN's website and newspapers and sports sections across the country. This media hype/frenzy forced DeBerry to apologize for comments that aren't even offensive:

"It is my desire to make a public apology for remarks I made recently about minority recruitment. I realize that the things I said were hurtful to many people and I want everyone to understand that I never intended to offend anyone. ... I should have never said what I did."

Ok, now who has been hurt because of the comments Mr. DeBerry made? Who, exactly, has lost sleep over such demeaning comments (sarcasm here)? PLEASE! What the Air Force coach did was merely state what everyone else knows. African-Americans are better athletes than Caucasians. What's so bad about that? For crying out loud, the guy even used the racially sensitive term "Afro-American" instead of "Black" in his description!

I'm sorry, but I just don't see how these comments are offensive. This whole notion of political-correctness is being taken WAY too far. Tom Knott of the The Washington Times agrees. Nowadays, it seems you can't hand out compliments to specific races anymore...I know I certainly am offended when someone says Italians are good meatball makers! HA!


Grand Delusions

Please, will he ever go away? This guy is still trying his hand at being an armchair president. Senator John Kerry recently announced his plan for Iraq. Actually, he was telling Bush what he should do. According to Kerry, Bush needs to bring 20,000 troops back home after the elections in December. Yes, Kerry even revealed his reasoning behind this statement:

"It is essential to acknowledge that the insurgency will not be defeated unless our troop levels are drawn down, starting immediately after successful elections in December."

Apparently, in order to win against these terrorists, less is more. I haven't seen this kind of "strategerie" since Gideon in the book of Judges. However, in Gideon's case God told him to use this procedure; and I hardly doubt that Kerry had a biblical revelation here... Nevertheless, Kerry continued to explain his speech at Georgetown University:

"To undermine the insurgency, we must instead simultaneously pursue both a political settlement and the withdrawal of American combat forces linked to specific, responsible benchmarks..."

Thanks for the input John. Is anyone listening to you? On second thought, I might have actually HELPED you by giving you blog space. I'm sorry, Senator Kerry, but you just aren't presidential material - why is it that you are the only one who thinks differently??


Straight Talkin'

It's about time someone tells it like it is. No more of this "political correctness" garbage. One man has continued to point out the stupidity in political correctness by making people laugh out loud.

Carlos Mencia is the MAN! He's a comedian who recently got his own show on Comedy Central called "Mind of Mencia". As a Hispanic comedian, he can say some of the things that white people can't.

Nobody is spared from his comedy: blacks, hispanics, asians, whites even midgets! The point is this: Mencia makes us realize how retarded political correctness can be. The U.S. is proud of its diversity - to single out everybody all the time in such a way is not "unifying" at all. Rather, it divides us into tiny ethnic groups that fall victim to the political correctness bug.

Live life and laugh!

Check him out on Comedy Central on Tuesday & Wednesday nights 10:30pm/9:30pm Central.


Coming Soon to Bookstores Near You...

It's been rough for the New York Times these past few years. Plenty of controversy, false reporting, etc. So, I guess I can understand why they have all of a sudden switched how they report stories or non-stories.

Yes, folks, the NYT is no longer reporting the news - but they are brushing up their writing skills in an effort to crack the best seller's list under the Novel category. Where would I get this information from? Look no further than today's article from Richard Stevenson on the Karl Rove/CIA Leak.

Here's the opening:

"Karl Rove nosed his Jaguar out of the garage at his home in Northwest Washington in the predawn gloom, starting another day in which he would be dealing with a troubled Supreme Court nomination, posthurricane reconstruction and all the other issues that come across the desk of President Bush's most influential aide.
But Mr. Rove's first challenge on Wednesday morning came before he cleared his driveway: how to get past the five television crews and the three photographers waiting for him. He flashed his blinding high beams into the camera lenses and sped by."

I don't know about you, but this sounds like it could be the opening chapter of the latest political novel from Grisham, or perhaps closely align with Dan Brown's "Deception Point".

The rest of the "article" carries on pretty much like the opening. I can't really tell where the actual news-writing is supposed to be taking place. That said, I am eagerly awaiting the NYT's first full-fledged novel!