Another Post

Well...it's been a while since my last post so let me give you a brief update of all that has happened since that time: Greece shocked the soccer world by winning Euro 2004 (See previous post for comparison). The Fourth of July just wasn't the same with my cousins and aunt and uncle in Sicily - we were unable to celebrate the customary Independence Day with the collective gathering of a bunch of Sicilian/Italian relatives at a park where Italian music is blaring in the background while we feast upon the traditional foods you have at a picnic, namely, pasta and lasagna...hehe (don't ask). The Fourth was very quiet - but nevertheless, Happy (Belated) Birthday to the U.S.A.!! I'll be picking up my relatives from O'Hare on Tuesday - it'll be great to have them back in time for Festa Italiana this weekend!!! Congratulations to my Uncle Tommy also upon his recent engagement! I'm also happy to note that the Brewers have finished the first half of the season over .500 and in playoff contention! Um, my detractors from school should take note that I was serious when I said we would be contendors in 2 years...who would've thought that it's come sooner than expected. Oh yeah, we also swept the Cubs!!!!! Chicago can never win when it comes to the state of Wisconsin!! Hey Chicago, when was the last time YOU were in a World Series - oh, that's right - 1908, sorry!! Well, I have some interesting points and facts from Fahrenheit 9/11 so stay tuned!

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