Well, once again the Italian National Team fails to produce the true weapon they really are and does not make it out of the group stage in Euro 2004 - even though they did not lose a game. The bright side of this is that the Under 21 team won the European Championship for the 5th time in 7 tries, further outlining a bright future. Congratulations to Greece though for defeating defending champions France 1-0 in the quarterfinals – for anyone who knows about soccer it was an incredible shock. To put it in terms Americans can relate to – this is almost as shocking as when the U.S. hockey team defeated Russia in the Olympics back in ’80. My cousins (some of you might know them - Nina, Rosi, Sal) have departed for Italia with their parents as well as making the final stop in Sicilia where they will meet up with their relatives. I envy them - I would have loved to go to Sicily again but maybe I'll be able to go next summer. Hope they have a great trip! Anyways, in the near future I'll throw out a little something about the new Michael Moore film Fahrenheit 9/11. It should be interesting so please check back and see what I thought about it.


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Italy were dissappointing at Euro 2004 - but then, so were Spain, Germany & France. England got punished for being too defensive and then also had bad luck on penalties as always. Still, I say England will have the best team in 2 years and will win the World Cup! Rooney rocked! As for Euro 2004, I hope the Czechs win it now.

Michael W.

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Hai ragione, l'Italia e' stata ancora una volta deludente. Non dimenticare pero' che Danimarca-Svezia e' finita (incredibilmente!) 2-2, l'unico punteggio che permetteva ad entrambi di passare!

Yes, the Italy failed again. But don't forget that Danimarca-Svezia ended 2-2. That's Incredible, because this would be the only way they had to pass the first turn! (sorry about my english)


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yo lo,

i was gonna greet you with my traditional greeting, but being that you arent the only one who can read this.. i suppose i will refrain for now. anyways... classic italy.. but good job in the under 21 none the less. When u takin a trip down to good ol' Libral MD? I'm hitten the beach this weekend with my friend dan from home. btw... Hopson, i just want to say i really admired your reply.. to lorenzo's posting.. i just wanted to say it was touching. Peace


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Lorenzo, who's the crazy looking bitch underneath the brim of your hat in your photo? ;o) Uncle knock up.