Tributo Italia Campione 2006

This video says it all...Perfect. Say what you want, but Italia are true World Champions!

4 stars. Brasil - watch out!


Ryan said...

Cool video. I'm all about the 1930's soccer highlights. Mad skillz.

Whoever did that video did an awesome job with the very end. I'm not even an Italy fan and it gave me goosebumps.

I just wish they had a video of the beautiful diving and injury faking. That would be awesome to watch.

Anonymous said...

Hey how come there was no footage of rossi cheap shot on the usa....or the cheap penalty call for italy against australia...or the cheap call against mastroeni for the usa...ahhh...well ne way that was a good video...too ad you couldnt understand anything cuz it was in italian.

Mike said...

Italy. Awesome. Good end to the World Cup. Italian flags still flying high in Germany. Congratulations!

luca said...

sei un grande!!!!