Remembering United Flight 93

While eating lunch at the Gasthaus in the Union yesterday, I was watching CNN and its coverage on the release of more phone calls from United Flight 93. CNN was able to get Todd Beamer's father on for a brief interview. Todd Beamer was one of the men who stormed the cockpit of the hijacked plane and successfully caused it to miss its intended course. Todd also uttered words that would become famous with "Let's Roll". I just wanted to post the comments that Beamer's father made yesterday because they were quite striking. It's very easy to forget about 9/11 and the emotions that poured afterwards. It's always good to sit back and remember the heroes from 9/11:
"You know, my -- my creator, God, created me with a free will, to accept him, reject him, to live my life as I please, and in all manners of religion and speech and what we decide to do with our families. Those precious freedoms came at a great cost.

And certainly, we grieve every time we hear that another American has made the ultimate sacrifice for us. But I'm -- I'm confident that we'll continue to do whatever it takes to preserve our way of life.

Because our enemy does not have -- does not have the word "surrender" in his dictionary. And we must not have the word "retreat" in ours."

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