Kofi Loses Kool About Kojo's Kar

Last week, the usually calm Secretary General had an unusual outburst of anger towards a journalist from the Times of London in which Kofi Annan called the journalist an "overgrown schoolboy". The UN SG had been facing continuing questions on the Oil-For-Food scandal and his son Kojo's purchase of a tax-free Mercedes under Kofi's name.

Well, James Bone (the journalist who was on the receiving end of Kofi's verbal slap) has written an editorial on "Why Kofi Annan said I'm not a 'serious journalist'" in the
WSJ. Read his article here! Trust me, it's very entertaining! After all, the UN knows how to smother scandals:

It is a time-honored tradition at the U.N. to bury a scandal by conducting an inadequate inquiry and then declaring the matter closed. Mr. Annan did precisely that when news first broke in January 1999 of his son's involvement with a Swiss firm that won a U.N. contract in Iraq.

Thanks Duke for the post!

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