I Spy

My good friend (and former collegiate pal) over at The Armchair Potentate has another great post on the recent wire-tapping saga and the frenetic citizens who are not educated enough on the subject to know what the wire-taps involved. No, Pam, the U.S. government has not been listening in to your phone conversation with Amy about your hot co-worker Bob. Most notably Jordan points out that these "spying efforts" are not domestic communications:
"...[T]his is a very important point -- people are running around saying that the United States is somehow spying on American citizens calling their neighbors. Very, very important to understand that one party to the communication has to be outside the United States." - Alberto Gonzales, AG
The communications, however do pertain to Al-Qaeda:
"…[W]e have to have a reasonable basis to conclude that one party to the communication is…affiliated with al-Q├Žda…. We view these authorities as authorities to confront the enemy [with] which the United States is at war…."

Please go and read his full post here. It's alot more amusing and entertaining (as he incorporates Ann Coulter and poor Mr. Daschle in his post). Oh yea, and it also includes another one of his "famous lists"!!

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