"Fascist" Times Update

The UWM Times, which has been called a "fascist" paper, will not be held down. In fact, since we are supposedly "fascists", it comes as no surprise that I was able to quickly find out who the perpetrators are that are responsible for slipping fliers in our publications and actually increasing readership of our paper.

Anyway, my university (UWM) is pretty diverse - although some on campus complain that it still lacks "true" diversity. Within this diverse student body are communists, socialists, anarchists and every other type of -ists you can find. Apparently, we have irked some communists but mainly the anarchists have their lawless "undies in a bunch". The anarchists on campus (I have no idea how many there are, I'd like to think that it's a small number) cannot stand our conservative, or, uh, I mean..."fascist" views. They were responsible for slipping the flyers IN our papers and they make no effort to hide it. Well, if they did make the effort to hide it, they aren't very good at it.

So, let me show you what THEY have to say about politics, life and a vegan diet...Here they are in no particular order:

This post was entitled "Bash the Fash" and lists the incriminating evidence....

Read up on this guy...he's SOO angry...haha (he's in the pic to the left)

This chick is pretty "rad" too...

So, anyway, read up on their respective journals...They have some crazy stuff on there. Not to mention, they take alot of these quizzes that seem to boost their self-esteem. Although, I guess that would help the guy on the left. However, these quizzes label them to see how extreme they are I guess. For instance, they were taking this quiz to see what type of "anarchist" they are - Anarcho-Syndicalist, Anarcha-Feminist, Anarcho-Capitilist etc. I was quite amused when I saw the "What type of soldier are you?" Quiz. This guy scored as a civilian - what's entertaining about this is the actual description of being a civilian as opposed to a medic, gunner, officer or whatever else you can be. Here's the description of the noble and intelligent citizen:
You scored as Civilian. You're a civilian. Not a soldier, period. You don't enjoy fighting. And more or less think all the people who do are retrads who need to use thier brains more than thier brawn. Beware the day will come when even peace lovers and budhist monks will pick up shotguns in defence.
So, whoever came up with this description wasn't using their brain. What are "retrads"? "Thier"? "Budhist"? Come on, at least use spell check, that's not against the rules is it???

Ah well, these groups are certainly entitled to their opinion - after all we are in the United States. Another country wouldn't be so kind to these types. However, if you disagree with someone's ideology you can protest it without trying to hijack it. It backfired anyway...There are other places for your wonderful fliers than in our publication.

I have to go though, Mussolini is calling the cell...


Anonymous said...

You have the picture wrong for the kids blog you listed on this post. Not that it really matters. I supposed it's good that you don't know what he really looks like.

Anarchists were actually not responsible for taking any of your papers or putting flyers in them. You can thank the young communist league/the students for social change for that. Why would you assume anarchists would do this? In many ways you both are rather close to fascism. It's just called something a little more pleasant like capitalist democracy or pseudo state capitalism.

Lorenzo said...

Quite the contrary, anonymous. While I have physical evidence of the 3 people in my post taking papers and writing "fascist" on them. I am also quite aware of the Young Communist League who also were responsible for taking the papers. In fact, it was members of the "Radical Book Club" that usually table in the Union who were actual perpetrators of these acts who proceeded to sit next to us as we distributed. I find it funny that these same people who so willingly threw away all our papers in an effort to "censor" us appeared so civil and open when tabling right next to us. I have no problem with the Young Communist League - however, it is the acts of hypocrisy that get to me. If you take our papers in bulk and toss them out and then do nothing while we are distributing right next to you, what is the point? Sure, you can be tough when nobody's looking but when your opposition is right next to you you say nothing?

It's also hard to say I'm wrong when their own blogs say otherwise. I know everybody would like to take credit for destroying such a "fascist" publication, but that's simply not the case is it. In these instances, I assume nothing - I'll take their word for it. After all, I have witnessed it. Thanks for the comment though and check out the rest of the blog (I'm sure you might have) - do my "fascist" views stick out?