After 2 Weeks, I'm Exhausted!

Well, it has been a very hectic past 2 weeks! During this time, I have gone from East coast to West coast in less than 48 hours. On November 4th, 18 UWM students went to Virginia to work on the close governor's race that was taking place. In its final stages, we assisted the GOP campaign by working on phone banks, walk routes, h.s. football games and urging people to get out and vote on election day. The GOP candidate for governor, Jerry Kilgore , lost his bid for the seat. However, the other top two seats - Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General - were both won by Republicans Bill Bolling and Bob McDonnell respectively.

After leaving Virginia and flying out of D.C. on the 9th, I arrived back home in Milwaukee for just over 36 hours. I left for California in the early morning of the 11th. A group of 4 of us went to attend the West Coast Leadership Conference in Santa Barbara sponsored by the Young America's Foundation. At the conference, we had the pleasure of listening to some of the nation's leading conservatives speak on various issues. A few of the speakers at this year's event were Michael Reagan, Dinesh D'Souza, Steven Hayward, Lt. Col. Scott Rutter and Kate Obenshain Griffin (Chairwoman of the GOP in Virginia whom I had seen just over 48 hours earlier at the Virginia Victory Campaign party). The conference was an awesome experience, not to mention that we were in sunny and warm California staying at the fancy DoubleTree resort for free!

I returned back in Milwaukee on the 13th only to have to submit a paper that was due by 10 pm that evening as well as study and take 2 midterm exams on Monday followed by another make-up exam today! After several all-nighters, I am finally caught up with school and the like. Now, if I can only catch up on sleep!! That's ok, sleep is optional and both trips were well worth it!

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