Straight Talkin'

It's about time someone tells it like it is. No more of this "political correctness" garbage. One man has continued to point out the stupidity in political correctness by making people laugh out loud.

Carlos Mencia is the MAN! He's a comedian who recently got his own show on Comedy Central called "Mind of Mencia". As a Hispanic comedian, he can say some of the things that white people can't.

Nobody is spared from his comedy: blacks, hispanics, asians, whites even midgets! The point is this: Mencia makes us realize how retarded political correctness can be. The U.S. is proud of its diversity - to single out everybody all the time in such a way is not "unifying" at all. Rather, it divides us into tiny ethnic groups that fall victim to the political correctness bug.

Live life and laugh!

Check him out on Comedy Central on Tuesday & Wednesday nights 10:30pm/9:30pm Central.

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