Election 2004

Never has an election in recent times been more critical to the direction of the nation as what will take place in a few hours today. The differences between the two candidates are clear. The choice should be obvious...
Don't let the media and hollywood tell you who to vote for (or P. Diddy for that matter, and his ridiculous "Vote or Die" t-shirts) or Michael Moron's ridiculous movie thrown under the label of Documentary (look up the words "Documentary" and "Propaganda" in the dictionary).
George W. Bush is a principled leader in this country, his decisions might not be the most popular, but his convictions are clear. Unfortunately, John Kerry is a man who "is poll-driven, and it is therefore impossible to know where or for what he stands", among other inconsistencies in his messages.
But, all that aside.....The important thing is to get out and vote today!

God Bless...

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