And the Mock Supreme Court Appointments are in!

Well, my Constitutional Law class gives its students the chance to participate in several "mock" courts. Last Wednesday, the first two court cases were passed out to the respective members that comprise it. I was lucky enough not to belong to the first two mock courts - thus enabling me to watch and learn from the mistakes made by these groups. Every person participating in these courts is either a Supreme Court justice or an attorney.
Well, my day of reckoning finally came today when the final two court appointments were handed out. Since I knew that I wouldn't be an attorney (since those were volunteers), I had a pretty good feeling about which Justice I was going to be. Let's see, let's give the Italian kid with the funny name the Justice with the funny name (who is also Italian). Seems fitting enough - and that's how I wanted it. Antonin Scalia and I will prepare for the onslaught of Constitutional Literalism!!

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jordan said...

so are congratulations in order, zo?