Long Time No Post

Well, it's been a whole month since I lasted posted here on my blog - and for that I am ashamed. Alot has happened in the month since I have been away from this site. One of my friends was headed to Iraq but was able to stay home while another soldier took his place. I finally got a job on July 16th....way too far into my summer. Nonetheless, my job at Northwestern Mutual has been good to me. Right now I am in charge of a health/fitness program for the company's 4500 employees that is designed to encourage corporate health and awareness. It's a small competition where people grouped into different teams ranging from 4 to 10 members. They were each given a pedometer (measures one's steps) and told to keep track of the number of steps they take every day over the course of a week. They then log their results and submit them to their team captain who then sends them into me. How fun, eh? I tell you what though, logging almost 400 teams total's can get pretty monotonous - plus I've never been that fond of numbers anyways. Other than the job things have been going pretty well for me; yet, just when my summer is getting good the end is coming too fast! It's unfortunate that school is close to 2-3 weeks away. I'm not in any mindset to go back to school - nor getting back to studying. I guess I'll just have to enjoy the rest of the summer to its fullest while it is still here. Time goes way too fast....

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Any comments on the Iceland v. Italy game? Hope you didn't have to watch it! ;-)